Building a 3D Printer

A new year started so it is time to set few goals or at least lock them in and keep going. Since at the current stage of the project the only milestone that keeps OSRC from being manufactured and finally becoming available to the public is the actual enclosure production, i initiated a campaign on IndieGoGo to raise funds for building a custom SLA 3D printer and at the same time share the device with whoever wishes it. In the campaign details i explain why none of the solutions available can do the job and how the 3D Printer being built is different from any other. In short, the build area is large enough to accommodate all OSRC parts, accuracy is great enough NOT to have virtually any flex in the actuation nor to have virtually any backlash due to the ball bearing slides and the price is relatively the same as for any other counterpart currently in existence.

As i also stated in forum posts and the Blog about OSRC development and a newer version of OSRC being finalized right now. Building it through the 3D printer method should give lots of advantages in its operation with many materials and colors to choose from as well as shorten delivery times for the final product.

Feel free to check out the IndieGoGo campaign, contribute and get the same machine through the perks of the campaign as well as discuss it in the Forum or in the campaign comments.


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