May it be for debugging purposes or for other reasons, the operator has the ability to view in Rel Time, the response from each switch, button or stick through this menu.


When the Data Preview menu is selected, the operator is taken to the available list of data that can be viewed.

This section is mostly for those who need to test a switch, button or a stick in order to debug the system or simply try out different combinations and see what happens.

Through this section it is possible to monitor the functionality of each switch, pot, stick and button through both Analog and Digital representations.

This section of the User Interface is planned to host many other types of data preview that may become useful for the operator in the future. Although the list for the time being is short, it should grow quite rapidly since with the help of the firmware, drawing new displays and filling them with data is quite easy, thanks to the dynamic interface algorithms located within the firmware.

This section of the User Interface has no functions or options to setup and is self explanatory.

If the Switch Preview screen is selected, the operator shall have a chance to monitor the response from every switch or button located on the Main Unit as well as on the FPVC units. By pressing or enabling the corresponding button or switch the operator shall see its corresponding sector on the screen and it will turn Dark or shall be Empty if Enabled or Disabled.

The same notion is used to preview analog values of Pots, Sticks and other variable input devices. Through a set of corresponding bars, the operator shall have a chance to view the values change from their absolute minimums to their absolute maximums.