New Site, New Design, New Direction

After a quite long period of planning, searching and waiting, a dedicated and community driven site for OSRC has been created. A place where others can participate, contribute and learn while bringing a great remote control system to life. A beautiful Forum, specifically for development, discussions, news or questions was created to build a useful source of information for current and future members. An OSRC File Repository was formulated for all official OSRC sources as well as future community uploads and contributions. Blogs, with latest and updated documentation articles, functionality descriptions, tutorials or general community projects were established and can be accessed by all who wish to learn or contribute.

Besides the OSRC website, a general Social presence was established on the official OSRC Facebook Page as well as Twitter, where anyone can comment, discuss and share content about all OSRC activities and give others a clear view about the project direction and status.

For those who wish to learn more about the current state of the project as well as release dates and activities taken to update and improve the system, i created a Blog which shall be maintained and updated while development and production stages take place. Feel free to share your thoughts about anything related to OSRC in the Forum or subscribe to the blog to get updates about latest news.


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  • We're getting there
    OSFlyerWiz 9 years ago
    Thank you for that wonderfully sarcastic commend Iauger :) That is exactly what i need for motivation ...
  • We're getting there
    iauger 9 years ago
    Are you still on schedule for a Spring release? "The solstice heralds the beginning of summer in the ...
  • We're getting there
    ed_mann 9 years ago
    This is so good to hear. I am really looking forward to getting one of these controllers. I might ...
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