3D Printing and the Shop!

Lovingly holding on to my creationFinally after many days in testing and development i can now proudly say that our Ilios HD machine is working. Although the last component for our first build hasn't arrived yet (PDMS for the Vat surface), all mechanics operate flawlessly and i even did a test print with the projector setup mentioned in our Facebook page.

There were lots of things that needed to be modified in the final assembly so it is a good thing that no files were published until now. In few days, those who are interested in the plans for the Ilios HD Kit, shall be able to download them from the Files section.

For our first build, although i can't say much yet (want to keep it a surprise) we shall be building something special. I went ahead and asked a very well known 3D artist to create a Benchmark 3D model so that all details and capabilities of the machine can shine. That file shall also become available in the Files section as soon as the first build occurs.

In the upcoming weeks i shall concentrate on finalizing all machines that were ordered through the IndieGoGo campaign and in parallel, write the assembly and other documentation, so that once the first person receives his/her Ilios Kit, the documentation shall be there to follow.

Me, showing off the first Ilios partsAs a task which needs to be done before we begin working on OSRC again, once the first builds are made on the Ilios Kit, the Surprise object shall be built for all those who contributed the according perk on the IndieGoGo campaign. You shall be able to see the progress of this task on the Facebook page, where images and updates are posted constantly.

If you decide that you need the Ilios Kit as well, please keep reading since there are limited supplies and predefined lead times for each machine. Every build is done by hand and to keep up, some rules were established so that everyone gets the Ilios Kit, following these rules and understanding them.

This is an Open Source community so it is only reasonable that all the work is posted and explained freely to all who are interested in it. If there is something you cannot find or something you need, don't hesitate to post about it in the Forum and you shall get full attention.

A video is also being formulated, which shall display the working Ilios Kit in all its glory, while it is building our benchmark model. You can stay updates about this and other media, through the Facebook page, Twitter or by simply monitoring the news.

Once the video is posted, there shall also be a final entry in the Ilios HD build blog, which was created to update everyone about the status of the project. Hopefully, others shall pitch in and begin posting their own modifications and projects in the Forum.

The Shop

With pleasure i can announce our official Shop Grand Opening. Currently you shall find in the shop categories, all that is related to the Ilios project. Various configurations to choose from and lots of accessories to work with. Additionally, the materials that are going to be used for the OSRC build can be found there. Once the OSRC Mark2 is built and ready for distribution, it shall also become available in the shop.

Since the Shop is up and running, those who pledged for the Discount Perk of 10% shall be receiving an E-mail with the Gift Coupon code, to use in the shop as they like. If you are one of those people and you haven't received an E-mail within the next couple of days, please use the Contact Us form and we shall correct the issue.

As you shall also read in the Ilios HD Kit product description, since each machine is made by hand and it takes quite some time to build one with the accuracy and reliability everyone would expect from it, there are some rules as to the order lead times and stock. Since the main material of the machine is Aluminum, it takes lots of resources and funds to get it along with all other mechanical parts. For these and other reasons, all Ilios HD Kit orders are gathered every end of each month and stock of materials is ordered the 1st of each month. This way we get the best of both worlds and can keep creating these machines for everyone as cheap as possible.

A new category was also created in the Forum, specifically for the Shop. If you have any questions about a certain product, have a problem with something or need help, head on there and post about it. This way others can see and search your query and perhaps even answer their own questions in the process.


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