From a Design to Reality

Things that shall be used to build the 3D printerAt last all the parts needed for the 3D printer build arrived. It took some time for the main components (mechanics) to get here but once i received the crate, it became clear why. The package weighed over 280kg and was very nicely sealed in a wooden crate. All the aluminum extrusions, spindles, fastening hardware and other accessories came in just as i ordered them.

Additionally, for those who haven't been monitoring the OSRC Facebook page, i managed to get the required power tools to wield the parts into a shape i need. I have to thank those who donated to the project for that, since although the brands are not top of the line, they are still more than adequate for our needs. I also finalized the mechanical drawings and plan printouts to work easier on the machine. Although i understand that many want to see and download these plans, i shall publish them only when the first machine is complete, since they must be accommodated by assembly instructions and other info. Additionally i might need to do minor tweaks to the design while i build the machine.

One sheet, out of many, for the assembly of the machineWithout rushing things too much, i expect to begin shipping the printers to those who ordered them through the IndieGoGo campaign, by the end of this month or early April the latest. I do realize that the build takes lots of time but relatively speaking, waiting for a product which shall take not more than 2 months to become a reality from initial concepts is a pretty short period of time.

For those who like the machine and think they shall need it for their applications, i am happy to say that it shall become available in the OSRC Shop approximately the same time as the plans and instructions for it are posted on the website. Due to the amount of parts required and the time it takes for them to get here, orders shall be queued in the shop and parts shall be ordered on the 1st of each month to give some time for the quantities to rise and get the parts in bulk (thus making the machine more affordable). More info about this shall be posted once the 3D printer becomes available in the shop.

All that remains now is to build the machine, so i shall begin cutting, drilling and assembling as soon as possible. Monitor the Facebook page and Twitter for updates and as always, if you have any questions or requests, don't hesitate to post them in the Forum.

Don't forget to monitor the 3D Printer Build Blog, which i update as i make the machine a reality. A more in-depth description of the build can be found there, along with images and other content related to it.


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