Besides just bluntly taking over remotely or with a wire, ones model, there are amazing features that provide multiple operators with Real Time feedback and control through the sticks. Find out how to configure these features in this section.


Although not many, the settings that are related to the Trainer functionality of the system do quite the task of keeping up communication between both Master and Slave units while operating. The trainer feature on the Main Unit can be thought to operate similarly to the Friend Take-Over or Friend Monitor. However the Trainer function performs both task simultaneously. When enabled, may it be through a cable or wirelessly, the unit shall move the sticks based on the motions deriving from the second unit and at the same time give the ability to the operator to take over control at any time. The same function fan be seen in a real plane cockpit, where the Co-Pilot and Captain have a separate set of controls but can be used together.


This option defines what type of communication the unit shall perform. A description of each option can be seen below:

In this mode, both Slave and Master units are an OSRC system and can communicate wirelessly.If this option is selected, the secondary unit is an old type of RC device and required a cable to communicate to the OSRC unit.


By selecting the appropriate role for your unit, you define what actions shall the system perform while in the Trainer Mode

In the role of a Master the OSRC unit is the unit that is being controlled by a veteran RC user and takes upon it self the function of the instructor. The Master unit has the power to Lock or Unlock the Take-Over functionality for the trainee.If in the Slave role, the operator is the trainee and although has the ability to take over the controls at any time, has to obey by the rules the Master unit provides.