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ТЕМА: OSRC Help Needed - Bootloader Development

OSRC Help Needed - Bootloader Development 9 года 9 мес. назад #144

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Since there has been such a large support from everyone and many requests for help, it would be only reasonable that i ask for help for some tasks related to the project.

Since i shall concentrate currently on the 3D printer build and shall not have time for OSRc development meanwhile, i have some pending ToDo tasks that need development and could lift my burden a lot.


The current version of the OSRC electronics operates on a set of micro controllers which in tern do different tasks related to the system. An important aspect is for anyone to be able to update the code of the system through USB since there shall be many updates and features in the future.


Currently i have been using a JTAG to program each controller while developing but at some point shall need to write or with the help from others, test a set of bootloaders for the job.

To be more specific what is required is a Bootloader for the main OSRC controller and the rest of the controllers on board. The way this would work is the main controller in tern would send firmware to each controller and update it through the available connections.


Besides the bootloader, a software that would reside on Windows or Linux is required (the loader) that would send out the data through serial to the unit based on HEX files for each controller.

If anyone is up for the task i would really appreciate the help. Post your thoughts here and i shall create the corresponding folders in the Files section for the uploads to take place and exchange developers if necessary.

If you have alternative suggestions related to file exchange (perhaps GitHub) and want to help in organizing it then please say so as i shall be more than happy to support the effort.
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