Specifically designed for FPV functions, this menu will provide you with the ability to alter settings such as Video Channel, Thumb Stick functionality and others. All designed to accommodate the FPV features OSRC can provide.


The FPV section of the User Interface is dedicated to settings that control main functions of the Basic FPV setup. Through the settings described below, the operator may change how the FPV setup is configured and how functions related to it are presented.

RX Chan-N - Video Receiver Channel Number

If an FPVC Basic or Advanced module is present on the system and is properly configured through the OSRC Accessories menu, the operator shall be presented with the option to choose the channel on which the Video and Audio shall be received. The Video and Audio receiver located on both modules can function on 8 different channels for which the corresponding frequencies are:

Channel NumberFrequency in MHz

Thumb St. - Thumb Stick Attitude

Both FPVC Basic and Advanced modules come with 2 Analog Thumb Sticks, which can be moved on both X and Y axises. The Stick Attitude option can define how these sticks should behave if they are configured for camera control or similar device.

AsStickIn this mode, the position of each axis is proportional to the motion produced by the corresponding channel. This means that the Camera or motor shall move exactly as the stick does and will return to its center position once released.
PosHoldIn this mode, the position of each axis is not proportional to the motion produced by the corresponding channel. When the stick is pushes to a corresponding direction, the Camera or motor shall move until the stick is released. Once released, the motion shall stop and although the stick will come back tot he center position, the motor shall remain where it stopped. This will continue to happen every time the stick is activated until the Camera or motor reach their final position.