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ТЕМА: Question about the code

Question about the code 9 года 8 мес. назад #88

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Hi Demetris,

I just picked up all the materials you provide from your site and I have some questions about :

1) All basic sources are used in the main unit running on your prototype ?
2) Why do you choose Basic language instead of C ?
3) Android code for android FPV unit is not written ?

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Question about the code 9 года 8 мес. назад #89

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The code on the website is rather old and lots has changed since then. Additionally those Basic codes are more of a guideline and was uploaded from an early test about 2 years ago.

No particular reason for using Basic instead of C, additionally there are some time consuming matters related to C compilers and PIC micro-controllers. I simply do faster programming and testing on micro controllers with basic and developed a certain pipeline over the years which saves me lots of time in the final stages.

Android UI is written, ported and tested. However had to stop development for android due to Time/Financing constrains. Some is on Gitorious, most is on a local machine.

As a general note, i was quite bumped for some time about the project and its financial state so didn't take much attention in organizing the archives of the system.
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