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ТЕМА: How to upgrade your basic unit to fpv?

How to upgrade your basic unit to fpv? 9 года 4 мес. назад #129

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So if you got the basic unit of osrc, with just the basic controls, how would you upgrade the removeable touch screen to have the fpv modual in it? I understand in the basic unit the touch screen is there to just fill space but how would you add the fpv reciever into it? I also understand that the 3rd antenna on top is for the fpv...are you allowed to have an antenna plugged into the fpv and the other antenna plug-in at the same time?
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How to upgrade your basic unit to fpv? 9 года 4 мес. назад #130

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There are 3 FPVC modules.
  1. FPVC Plain, which only has the buttons for additional control
  2. FPVC Basic, which has the FPV module and RF as well as internal battery for basic FPV use
  3. FPVC Advanced, which has a Linux Operating system and all the extras
You can upgrade the FPVC Plain to Basic since the PCB is the same with some modules and components just missing as well as a different firmware on the controller. However you cannot upgrade FPVC Basic to Advanced since it is completely different inside.

If you remove the FPVC module from the unit, the module shall use its internal Chip antenna for short range FPV or you can connect an external antenna to it. If the module is inside the unit, the antenna which is connected on top of the system shall be used. The connection is severed mechanically when the module is removed.
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