5 - Lift Assembly


The Lift is what shall hold your model while it is being built. It was designed to accommodate the large build area of the Ilios Kit and includes all the necessary hardware to complete these steps. Please note that the kit contains glass parts and you should always be careful when handling them. Although the glass has already been sanded, it doesn't mean you should neglect and respect this material.

Step 1  

1 x Lift Base Front

1 x Lift Base Back

2 x Lift Base

1 x Nuts & Bolts bag

4 x 50x50mm Plastic Caps

1 x 28x28mm Black Glass (5mm thick)

Make sure you have all the parts that are displayed in the image above, before you proceed with this assembly.  
 Step 2  
 Get the 6mm Bolt, 2 washers and the 6mm nut from the Nuts and Bolts bag.  Position the 2 washers and the bolt as shown in the picture above. Make sure the bolt is sitting on both washers and secure loosely the nut on the other side. The bolt should be inside the part as shown.
 Step 3  
Take the Lift Base and slide it through the nut as shown on the image. Tighten it slightly to stay in place for now.  Align the parts as shown, so they are flush to each other and tighten the bolts a bit more but not all the way. We shall align the parts later on when the entire assembly is complete.
 Do the same for the other Lift Base but don't tighten everything all the way just yet.  Add the second Lift base flat as shown on the picture, tightening the bolts all the way now so that the assembly remains straight.
 Step 4  
Get the corner brackets and the corresponding 5mm bolt and Oval Sliding nut.  Attach the bolts and nuts as shown on the picture. Make sure NOT to tighten them for now, since this shall have to slide into the assembly slots later on.
Slide the brackets as shown and make sure the walls of the corner brackets are facing outwards (esthetic reasons)  There shall be markings on the parts for alignment. Slide the corners as close to those markings as possible but don't tighten the assembly until it is on the machine.
 Step 5  
Feel free to add the Plastic Caps now, sealing the ends of the assembly.  When done, the plastic caps should look like on the image. Do this for all 4 sides of the assembly.
 Step 6  
 In the bag you shall find the 5mm bolts to secure the Lift on the Motion Base. Use them on the corner brackets as shown in the next assembly image.  Secure the Lift Base onto the Motion Base as shown. Tighten the bolts all the way now and make sure everything is as level as possible.

 From the above image you can see the finished assembly. An additional option is to glue the Black glass onto the lift assembly with the included Epoxy. However it is recommended to first use the machine with the Aluminum surface since it tends to stick a bit better to the initial layers of the build.

Small VAT & Lift

For those who purchased the Small VAT & Lift, both assemblies already come fully assembled. All you need to do is mount the VAT and Lift on the machine. The Small VAT mounts the same way as the large one so no explanation should be needed.

In the image above you can see how the Small Lift is mounted on the Lift Arm. The screw holes should already be on the arm so all you need to do is mount the lift as shown. If you purchased Both Large and Small lifts then use the bolts provided from ether assembly.

Above is another view of the Small Lift from the other side.

Congratulations, we are almost done. One last assembly remains and you shall be able to use the Ilios Kit to build models.

Автор: Demetris Zavorotnitsienko
Creative Commons License


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