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Its that time again, to update everyone on the progress that has been done and outline the work ahead. Many have been eagerly waiting for news about OSRC so it seems only fair to let everyone know the plans that are being developed for it.

The Ilios HD Kit in my workshop has been optimized for OSRC production and is working just as i need it to, but before we begin talking about OSRC lets recap what happened so far so that those who haven't been following the progress of the project from its start, know what we are talking about.

After the initial release of the first OSRC prototypes there were several attempts to collect funds for its manufacturing and step up its production along with other needs. Unfortunately that budget was not gathered and things seemed quite bleak. In a time of desperation i came up with a plan to fight through all difficulties and not give up on the project. In short, the plan was:

  1. Make a 3D printer for the enclosures OSRC would need, thus lowering the manufacturing costs.
  2. Collect whatever earnings are made from the 3D printer for the OSRC budget and in general to stay afloat.
  3. Redesign OSRC for 3D printing, upgrade its internals and externals and make it better overall.
  4. Present the finished system to the world and continue with future developments.

Currently we are at Step 2 and 3. These milestones although may sound simple, are actually quite difficult to overcome and hard work as well as dedication is put in every one of them. I already slowly begun to order the main components for the new OSRC design, which are required in order to build the rest of the system around it. Can't say that the budget permits me to get everything i need, but progress is being made nevertheless. Dusted off my notebooks (the kind you write with a pen in) regarding OSRC, begun writing the alterations and working on the look and function of the OSRC MK2 (Mark2) - Big fan of the Iron Man Series Laughing

Naturally the new design is not being made from scratch since there is tons of information that was learned during the initial build, however i do have to admit that i am working on many new features for the system. The look of the new design is also going to change, where in general you shall be able to recognize some distinctive features from the original design but with a lot more from new ideas. In general, i shall be concentrating more on the esthetics, ergonomics and functionality of the device. Some small details shall add to the functionality of the overall experience, other features will as always outline the new innovations and technologies that OSRC deserves.

Lots also was learned from the initial release regarding the social side of the project. In short, i shall not be posting any progress, test images or any other media as well as features, until the system is complete. I have a certain image of what OSRC should look like in my head and a solid idea of its features. The best thing is not to deviate from these ideas and complete the system in as small time frame as possible. Although this does go against the Open Source spirit, everyone must understand that i am making all this with my own budget, in a limited time and unless a clear plan is executed i doubt anyone shall see a working system any time soon. So just sit tight, be patient and let me work my magic. I promise it shall be more than what you are expecting.

As a final remark, how soon you shall see the finished OSRC MK2 design is directly related to the budget i will have. As they say Time is Money and Time is what i need right now to work with a clear head and finalize it. Without trying to give any false promises, i can say that based on the resources i have right now, i shall be targeting the next RC season for the release. Naturally if the budget changes, the system should be done faster.

I can also disclose a little secret and say that OSRC is just a small portion of my plans for the future and i shall be using it to control some advanced equipment, which will help me achieve something i wanted to do since i was a little boy and is closer to my adventurous side. It isn't anything fancy, but it is related to underwater exploration and mapping. So it is as important for me to get it done faster as it is for you.

The best thing anyone (with the means) can do right now is contribute financially in any way possible. Every cent counts and that cent shall definitely be used to finalize the project. Be patient, understanding and if there are any questions, you can always use the Forum, FaceBook, Twitter or the Contact Us link. I'm always here to help and reply to any queries you may have.

Ilios HD Kit

As mentioned above, every Ilios sale helps the OSRC project, but this doesn't mean that i am not devoting my time to those who are using or planning on using the Ilios machine to achieve their own goals. As i use the machine my self for the OSRC project and am making prototypes, i make alterations, upgrades and improvements. These improvements are then reflected in the shop and with every new Kit that is being shipped.

It is also a good idea to keep watching the Latest Products section of the shop where new products become available for the Kit or your own setup. These products are published based on requests from current users as well as my own input so they aren't there just to fill up the shop database.

If you have any questions regarding the Kit then you can easily contact me through the Forum, Facebook or by using the Contact Us link on the website. I shall do my best to reply as fast as possible and help you in any way i can.

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