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All you need to do is vote for the project. It seems only reasonable to enter the Hack A Day contest since the prize money would be more than enough to make OSRC affordable enough and available for everyone. Since there is nothing else required, besides you voting for the project, this is the best solution to just support OSRC with a simple click and sit back.

Since the initial entries will end on the 4th of August, this is pretty close to the deadline for Pre-Orders i wrote about in the previous news post, so there is no reason not to take this opportunity and do anything i can to help out the project. Perhaps, this is the one chance that i have left to raise the funds and make the project affordable enough for everyone and at the same time not compromise any of the features OSRC has.

Once again, all that is required from you is to vote in order for the project to win so help out and vote for OSRC as i truly believe it shall be an invaluable tool for any RC enthusiast or professional.

As far as the current Pre-Orders go, as i stated before, if not enough of them are made then i will simply send the ordered funds back to those who made them, so no harm will be done. If the Hack A Day contest finds OSRC worthy of the prize then there shall be no expenses in advance from anyone required and everyone shall win. So help out the project as too much effort, time, love and hard work went into it to simply vanish.

Created on Thursday, 10 July 2014 09:04
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Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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