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Been a while since any official update was published, so i shall try and update everyone who is interested with everything that has happened so far regarding Ilios and naturally OSRC. Please note that although i try and summarize everything in News Posts, additional information can also be found through the OSRC FaceBook page and sometimes Twitter. Feel free to visit these sites to learn about my day to day (sometimes not so daily) activities and progress.

Lets start with progress and news about OSRC, our wonderful idea about a Hi-Tech remote control system for everyone and every application imaginable. After all, this IS the main project and what everything else was created for.

As you can imagine, things are a bit pressing when it comes to time and budget. With the help from Ilios i am now able to keep working on OSRC as well as build parts for it. I would like to thank everyone who is helping in this matter through donations or Ilios purchases since this is what holds everything together and gives me the ability to go on.

Although i do not just sit and fully concentrate on OSRC every day (Due to Ilios manufacturing and sales), a tremendous amount of work has been done to completely redesign the exterior as well as interior (electronics and features) of the system. Little by little i redesigned the entire mechanical aspect of the control so it has turned in a completely new direction, but in a good way. Everyone waiting for the device to be released shall be surprised (hopefully in a good way) to get to know a totally different approach i constructed when it comes to RC applications. Although this will sound quite bold, i truly believe that with the new design, the applications for OSRC will grow beyond what i initially hoped for. Naturally in the same spirit, the system shall not be pricey and unavailable to the masses but will be just as affordable as any other remote control system.

Unfortunately however, as i mentioned in previous posts, i shall not be disclosing the design or any of its features until the system is ready to be presented and distributed. This isn't because there is any concern about any sort of secrets (you probably can figure that out since the name of the device it self has "Open Source" in it) but because the design must be presented as a whole and not partially, piece by piece or out of context. Otherwise it would be impossible to make any sort of assumptions or conclusions, which would only hurt the project (not to mention my own feelings) which has been in development for as long as it has.

However, i am happy to say that a prototype of the new system already exists and is being tested, although there is still lots of work to do on its design, software and in perfecting every aspect. Don't ask me to show pictures, come over and have a look or otherwise present the design since it won't happen. It is best to just let me finish the project and be able to get one, once it is complete.

As mentioned through many E-mail replies, News Posts and other content, the planned release for OSRC (now called "Mark 2" since it shall be a completely new breed even from its original design) shall be in the spring of 2014.

Naturally, besides actually building OSRC and making everything that is planned for it work, there is another matter that needs attention for the whole plan to succeed. Since i am a one man show and pretty much do everything for the project, i have to be prepared for the fact that although the initial orders for the system might not be astronomical, they might be more than i can handle. Currently even with a project like the Ilios 3D printer, which is relatively much simpler than OSRC, i do have to spend lots and lots of time to prepare each kit. Since i do have experience in manufacturing devices like that from projects in the past i do have a solution in store for this as well.

I already begun preparing the space for a fully automated assembly line for OSRC which should help keep costs down and production quite fast as well as cost efficient. Since i do prefer to assemble everything in one place (being a one man show and everything) and it makes the entire assembly much simpler this way, i am planning on fitting equipment such as robotic arms, conveyors, pick and place machine and other equipment to help me out. Naturally we are talking about low budget stuff here but still quite effective. Anything is possible with the right incentive and although it might be time consuming and expensive to set up, it should be relatively helpful and productive once in operation. We aren't talking about 10ths of thousands units a month here of course but even a small batch a month would still be more than enough for me to go on and expand OSRC as it grows.

Before someone decides to step in and start criticizing my idea about the production, you must have in mind that i am not in US or even on the main land and my resources as well as options are quite limited. Yes, i know that there are many ways to go around this but i do know what i am doing and am confident that this is the most efficient, fast, realistic and effective way to bring OSRC from where i am sitting to everyone no matter how difficult or nontraditional it may sound. Don't forget that pretty much everything i have done so far has been "nontraditional" and some creativity doesn't hurt, especially in times like now.

All of the things mentioned above would not be possible if not for those who support the project and stuck with me through the entire development period and for this i thank you. I devote all my time towards bringing something fresh to you and hopefully it shall happen quite soon.

I always keep a record of everyone who has contributed to the project over time through Donations, Fund Raisers and other ways, so no one shall be left out when the release date shall come. Rest assured that your OSRC system shall be in the mail by that time. I made a promise to everyone who is helping out and i intend to keep that promise.

Ilios 3D Printer

Firstly i would like to thank everyone who became interested in Ilios and ordered the Kit since it became an every day occupation and a pleasant way to keep producing more kits as well as work on OSRC at the same time. It became a routine now, to wake up every day and build parts for an order as well as pleasure to know that the machine shall help someone across the world in their own projects.

With every comment or E-mail suggestion i try to perfect the design, put a bit more effort in small details and go the extra mile to make the life of the one assembling it easier. Although those who recently received their kit might not notice radical changes in the kit, i must say that based on the feedback i made quite few changes a subtle adjustments so that the machine is assembled even easier and operates flawlessly.

I would also like to thank everyone for their patience during the waiting period for the kit to be shipped since i make them by hand and although am working as fast as i can, sometimes i do have some delays due to delays from the supplier or from another source or even from being tired at the end of the day. However, it must be noted that the sooner the payment for each kit is received, the sooner i can order the parts, wait for them to arrive and produce a kit to be shipped to its new and proud owner.

You shall also notice that there is now a rich selection of materials for Ilios which cover most of applications it can accommodate. Additionally the accessories and upgrades make the machine truly unique and quite versatile for many applications. As always i am more than happy to help anyone who needs it and am always trying to provide fast and fruitful support when it comes to making your kit operate as it was meant to.

Once again, i thank everyone for supporting OSRC as well as Ilios and helping me proceed with the work ahead as planned. As long as i can keep going, there is really nothing else i would need and helping others in the process is just as rewording for me as making my projects a reality.

Created on Friday, 06 September 2013 15:10
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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