2013 Roundup and wishes


Yet another year is coming to an end. Many goals have been achieved and the OSRC project has never been closer to its realization. This year has truly been fruitful thanks to the unforeseen demand of Ilios 3D printers, which in their turn, besides helping others in their projects, are supporting my work on the remote control system every day.

I have been fortunate enough to collect enough funds and equip my workshop with almost everything i need to not only make the Ilios machines better and faster but also to produce the parts necessary for OSRC to function as i designed it. It has been a long journey from the time when i had to machine every part on an unpaved floor, holding each piece with both hands while the burning sun or the cold rain poured on top. As you can see from the pictures, i can finally work day or night in a friendly environment which is well lit and has the tools that make the process much safer and much more rewording.

Many followers and supporters suggested that i get some help to keep up with the Ilios orders, so as you can tell from the pictures i did Laughing Sure the robots are not new but hey.. If their movements are repeatable and smooth, that's good enough for me. Its really hard to find any sort of automated equipment here so will have to make due with what i afford for now. Try explaining to the customs officer what a "Robotic Arm" is when the guy doesn't have a clue...

Customs: What exactly is it?

Me: Ehhh, its a robotic arm with motors on it...

Customs: Like the Terminator arm?

Me: ... Yes, just like that only cheaper..

For me its much easier and cheaper to set up these robots up and make work cells for them while i work on something else, rather than spending the extra time and effort in teaching someone to help out. It doesn't look like much now but i shall be automating most of the Ilios assembly and manufacturing process so that i can concentrate on making those mythical OSRC remotes a reality. Plus its really fun to work with robots Wink

A metal work CNC machine, Conveyors, fixtures and lots more (mostly from E-Bay and used parts) shall be filling up half the space to automate almost all the time consuming steps. This is something i had in mind for some time now and the setup shall be doing as much help in making Ilios as it will when the demand for OSRC (hopefully) rises. Pinky promise to show videos when the automated assembly setup is up and running. Should be really cool to see how each kit is assembled with the help of these robots.

Now that we achieved the goals, set in the beginning of the year and went through the planned steps that i saw necessary for making OSRC through my own efforts and evidently with the support of every Ilios kit sold, i can start finalizing the currently in development Mark2 OSRC system.

I do realize that from the day i announced all the above plans, no progress has been shown regarding the project but since i stuck for as long as i did with the idea, and saw it through, i see no reason to doubt my methods. After all, i am working on the project by my self and haven't strayed from its idea no matter what obstacles were in the way. So just as before, i ask from everyone who is waiting for the system to be patient. As i mentioned in earlier posts, the OSRC project is being developed every day and as you can see, the work place for making it for others is already in place. If there are no unforeseen circumstances in the new year (which i don't think there will be), i plan to unveil my latest baby (OSRC) in the spring of 2014. As we come closer to that time i will state a more definite date so that I and others can aim for it as far as making the initial batch (for me) and as far as ordering (for you).

For those who are waiting for their Ilios kits, i would like to reassure you that i am working on your orders non stop and will be contacting each and every one of you before your order is shipped. The amount of orders really came as a surprise to me and as you can see, i am trying to improve on current and future production.

Another cool thing that happened this year is that the OSRC FaceBook page got over 1,000 likes!! Never had so much support so i would like to thank everyone for believing in what i do and supporting my efforts. Looking at lots of other pages 1000 doesn't sound like much but for me it is more than i could ever wish for. Thank you all once again for supporting the site and following my progress.

As a closing statement i would like to wish everyone happy holidays, plenty of rest and a fresh as well as fruitful new year. If anyone needs and help or just wants to drop me an E-mail, i shall be more than happy to reply. For me the holidays are not as important as my own work so i shall be working even through out the celebrations... I like to think that what i do isn't as much work as it is fun (although an occasional shuteye isn't so bad either)

PS: A pleasant fact is that on the 1st of January 2014 is not just a new year for me but also my companies - rdGizmo For You LTD birthday, since it was registered on the 1st of January of 2009

Created on Monday, 23 December 2013 18:17
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Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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